2016 Precinct Caucus

The 2016 Republican Party Precinct Caucus will take place on Saturday February 20th. The Precinct Caucus is the important first step in the process Republicans use to select our Presidential candidate.  At the caucus, you will be able to discuss platform issues and your presidential preference and then vote for delegates to send to your district convention. Our Caucus FAQs page has more details (including videos) on how the caucus process works.

In King County, most of our precinct caucuses will take place at one of 6 pooled caucus locations.  Doors will open at approximately 9am and the pooled precinct caucuses will be called to order at 10am.  Please remember to bring with you a government issued form of photo identification.

Find your pooled caucus location using the Caucus Locator Tool. This WSRP tool uses your public voter registration information to identify your current voting precinct and where that precinct is caucusing, then give you the option to ‘preregister’.

By preregistering using the Caucus Locator Tool you can save time on the day of the caucus that would otherwise be spent looking up your name and address to confirm that you are a registered voter and that you are at the correct pooled caucus location.  After your caucus location is shown, be sure to click the ‘preregister’ button to receive an email confirmation with your precinct caucus information and a verification code.  Bring this email with you (either printed or on your smart phone) to the caucus so that you can avoid having to wait in the ‘help desk’ line for your registration and precinct to be verified.

For details on how the caucus and convention processes work check the Caucus FAQ page.