Caucus FAQs

The 41st District GOP pooled precinct caucus will be held on Feb 20th, 2016. Doors will open at 9:00am and the caucus will be called to order promptly at 10am, with voting beginning no earlier than 10:30am and no later than 11:30am.

Who is eligible to participate in the 41st District GOP Precinct Caucus?
Any registered voter of the precinct in which the caucus is being conducted who is willing to state by signing a ‘Registration Form and List of Participants at Precinct Caucus’ form that he/she considers himself/herself to be a Republican and has not participated and will not participate in the 2016 caucus or convention system of any other party. Any individuals who wish to participate at the King County Republican Party precinct caucuses who are not registered to vote (or who need to make changes to their voter registration) should do so as soon as possible by contacting King County Elections at

What is the purpose of the precinct caucus?
The purpose of the Precinct Caucus is to elect delegates to the Legislative District Caucus (April 9th) followed by the King County Convention (April 16th), and then the State Convention, which will elect delegates to the National Convention. At each level (county, state, national) other issues will be discussed and decided (Platform, Rules, etc.). The State GOP Convention will be held May 19th-21st in Pasco where delegates to the National Convention will be elected by Congressional District and on an At-Large (statewide) basis.

Will there be a ‘straw poll’ at the caucus that will be shared with the media?
No.  While presidential preferences will be discussed and recorded at the caucuses, there will be no official ‘straw poll’ data shared with the media.  The Presidential Primary is May 24th, when Republicans vote for their favorite candidates using a mail-in ballot. Using a proportional formula, the results from the Primary (from the 10 congressional districts and also statewide) will determine the vote of our state’s delegates at the National Convention. At the National Convention, if no candidate is chosen on the first ballot, our delegates will not be bound by the primary results on successive ballots.

Where can I find the 2016 WSRP Caucus and Convention Training Videos?
You can find the videos right here:

Where can I find more details on 2016 Caucus and Convention procedures?
The WSRP 2016 Caucus and Convention Manual contains more than thirty pages of information detailing how the 2016 caucuses and conventions are to be run.  In addition, the official 2016 rules for precinct caucuses and delegate elections can be found here.